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École Heritage Park Middle School
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Mrs. Sonja Clark
Library Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 3:15/3:30pm most days

Mrs. Lamb opens the library around 7:30am, and Mrs. Clark arrives for book checkout around 7:45am.

Second and Fourth Tuesdays: Closed at 3:00 pm




Ms. Schmor has retired and she misses all of you!

We wish her a happy and healthy retirement!

2019 Library Writing Contest Winners

Short Story Category


There was a little girl.

A happy girl. 

Confident, independent, and honest. But she was forced to move away from her comfortable city.

The drive was long, but she eventually arrived at her new, dark, lifeless city. She was very shocked to see monsters. Monsters were lurking everywhere. They all looked identical to each other. They wore plain masks, hiding their faces. The strangest thing the little girl noticed was the scratch marks around their blank masks.

But the little girl had to be polite to them. Who knew what those monsters were capable of.

She constantly tried her best to be nice; she supported all of the monsters. She complimented them, even if the little girl didn't believe what she was saying.

Every second of her life was devoted to making the monsters like her.

She put herself down. Giving a tiny piece of herself away every time she talked to the monsters. Tearing herself down made the monsters' confidence grow.

But over time the monsters were tired of someone being different from them. They started to judge her; after all, the little girl looked nothing like them.

So she changed herself for the monsters' sake. She went out and bought the same plain mask as everyone else. The mask was uncomfortable, itchy and two sizes too small, but it would have to do. She couldn't go out in public anymore being herself.

Months flew by; the girl was still trying to be everyone's best friend.  Still constantly complimenting everyone. Even though it was breaking her. Cracks started to appear everywhere The little girl was breaking slowly.

The mask that she wore every day became very tight around her face. Every day it caused more pain.

She was done trying to impress everyone, so she tried to take the mask off. It wouldn't budge. It was glued on shut with lies. She tore, clawed, and screamed. But it was stuck onto her face. For the rest of her life, she wore the mask, looking identical to all of the monsters. Hiding her true self.

Over time, new girls came to the city and eventually became monsters too. Controlled by society; trapped in their lies for eternity.

Madeline Hofer

Poetry Category


I am the fat girl

The girl whose thighs shake and quiver with each step

The girl who fantasizes each day about starving herself

So she can have an hourglass figure

The girl who looks in the mirror

And sees a bloated horror

And wishes she could be beautiful

Throwing up the cumbersome pounds around her stomach

But knowing that the stretch marks adorning her body

Cutting through her skin

Would always be placed there

I did not feel beautiful

Not until the hollow emptiness inside my stomach

Started to make me feel full

Not until I started skipping lunch

And breakfast

And dinner

And I looked like the skeletons that I hid within my closet

It didn't matter that my stomach was empty

Because I finally had a gap between my thighs

And still

I did not look the way I wanted

I did not look like summer days and bikini models

I looked like hospital rooms and empty medicine bottles

And my dainty

No, bony wrists

Cracked and splintered

And my porcelain figure


But it didn't matter

Because I was finally beautiful

Because I am not beautiful

I am worthless

Briana Sampson


The spacious, light-filled library is a vital part of Heritage Park Middle School.

Open daily from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm , students are welcome to come in and read, check out books, study, research or complete homework.

During the lunch break, the library has become a vibrant meeting place where young people can play video or board games, engage in gentle conversation or take advantage of peer tutoring opportunities. Throughout the day, during class time, the library is used by classes for research projects and literature circles.

In today’s world of texts and tweets, of cell phones and tablets, of video games and Netflix, it may seem unlikely that the old-fashioned book would be enjoying a renaissance with young people, but this is certainly evident in the Heritage Park library. In unprecedented numbers, publishers are producing books of every genre specifically written for the middle school and young adult reader and our students are responding with tremendous enthusiasm. Even reluctant readers are joining in on the fun by checking out dozens of graphic novels and manga every week.

The library collection has been developed to support the curriculum and to provide students with exciting, diverse fiction in a multitude of genres Hundreds of new books are added each year.. To see what is available, just click on the link below to access Destiny, our library catalogue.


Access ERAC (Our digital classroom): ERAC LINK

Destiny Library Catalogue