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École Heritage Park Middle School
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About Us: Mission, Vision and Values

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École Heritage Park Middle School - Where Learning Matters


At École Heritage Park Middle School we empower all learners to strive for success.


Our vision is a collaborative learning community where: Everyone  feels safe, included, and valued as partners, where all learners are engaged, empowered and motivated; and where a​ccomplishments are celebrated


Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Perseverance, Empathy and Courage

At École Heritage Park Middle School, we will:

  • Set high standards for ourselves and our students

  • Offer a wide variety of learning opportunities

  • Teach and assess in a variety of ways

  • Engage students in activities that encourage critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

  • Provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment

  • Celebrate our diversity of learners and their learning

  • Communicate openly, respectfully, and professionally with students, parents and staff

​Unique Features​

École Heritage Park Middle School is a newly configured middle school enrolling 670 students in grades 7, 8 and 9. We share our site with the University of the Fraser Valley and the Clarke Theatre. A​s our building previously housed a secondary school, we have excellent facilities for our middle school program, including an extensive library, three permanent and one portable computer lab, two gymnasiums, a fitness room, band room, drama/dance instruction room, woodwork shop, foods room, sewing room, science labs, special education classrooms and cafeteria. We offer students a rich middle school experience including rigorous academics and a broad selection of electives in fine arts, applied skills, and languages. Our school also offers two district programs of choice: French Immersion, and Intensive Core French. 

École Heritage park Middle School is structured to meet the unique intellectual, social, emotional, moral and physical developmental needs of young adolescents. At this stage, students experience rapid changes in physical growth, moral reasoning, along with the onset of abstract thinking. Young adolescents also experience the beginning stages of forming a personal identity, acquiring social skills, gaining autonomy, and developing character and a sense of values. To address the needs of young adolescents, our middle school includes the following features.

Explorations Blocks 
​​Students in grades 7 and 8 have the opportunity to explore a variety of future elective options in a range of areas, including fine arts and applied skills.

Transition Programs

​Middle school students need smooth transitions from elementary school and to secondary school. Middle school counselling and administration staff will visit elementary feeder schools each spring to speak to grade 6 classes. A grade 6 orientation day at middle school is also planned. Similar arrangements are made for grade 9 students as they move to the high school. The structure of our middle school is designed with transition in mind. Podding at the grade 7 and 8 levels allows students to gradually adjust to having more teachers and a different schedule. In grade 9 students are introduced to year-long electives to help prepare them for grades 10 to 12. The entire middle school experience is essentially one that focuses on student-teacher relationships and student learning experiences that will facilitate a smooth transition from the elementary school to the high school.

​Parent Involvement

École Heritage Park Middle School encourages parent involvement. First and foremost, we depend on your involvement and active support in your child’s academic achievement. Parents are encouraged to maintain regular contact with teachers and to be actively engaged in monitoring your childrens’ achievement on assignments, homework, quizzes and tests. Volunteer opportunities are available in athletics, field trips, fine arts, and the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). We welcome parents to attend our information nights, awards assemblies, performances and sporting events.

Community Partnerships/Initiatives

Our school enjoys a unique relationship with the community due to the shared location with the Clarke Theatre and the University of the Fraser valley. The Clarke theatre hosts a variety of events for both students and community members to attend. As well our fine arts program makes use of the theatre to showcase our music, drama, and d​ance programs. Our Student Leadership program connects with the community through events such as Cops for Cancer, the Terry Fox run, and the annual “Have a Heart” Christmas dinner for the less fortunate members of our community.                  

For a virtual tour of our school/community theatre (Clarke Theatre), click on image below:

Clarke Theatre