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Γ‰cole Heritage Park Middle School
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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL (PAC)​​​

President: Paula K
Secretary: Juli (transcription of recording)
Treasurer: Anita
DPAC: Alicia & Angela​
Member(s) at Large: Kim



To contact the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), please email:

Facebook Page:​

Our PAC Constitution & Bylaws: HERITAGE PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL.pdf

**PAC Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month​**

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04. PAC Minutes - December 2021.docx04. PAC Minutes - December 2021Nicole Ginter
05. Functional Closure - January 2022- Parent Letter.pdf05. Functional Closure - January 2022- Parent LetterNicole Ginter
06. PAC Minutes - January 2022.docx06. PAC Minutes - January 2022Nicole Ginter
09. PAC Minutes - April 2022.docx09. PAC Minutes - April 2022Nicole Ginter
10. PAC Minutes - May 2022.docx10. PAC Minutes - May 2022Nicole Ginter
01. Letter to Parents Sept 2020.pdf01. Letter to Parents Sept 2020Nicole Ginter
02. PAC Minutes - October 2021.docx02. PAC Minutes - October 2021Nicole Ginter
03. PAC Minutes - November 2021.docx03. PAC Minutes - November 2021Nicole Ginter