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École Heritage Park Middle School
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Riot of Reading 2021

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Riot of Reading 2021

“Literacy is how families get things done”.

This statement could not be more relevant for the year 2020. This past year, families
had to learn new ways of adapting to the Pandemic. Families needed to learn how to Zoom for work and school: Families had to learn the newest Covid rules: Families had to learn creative ways to deal with daycare and economic struggles: Families had to learn new ways of celebrating birthdays and holidays: Families had to learn ways of dealing with social and
emotional wellness.

Literacy gives people the tools they need to succeed in the world. For the Family
Literacy Committee of Mission, who hosts the annual Riot of Reading event at Mission Central Elementary and The Family Fun Night at West Heights Elementary, this has been our new normal too. We can not celebrate the Riot of Reading as a community group this year, so we are trying something new. For five days, over Feb.1 – Feb.5, we will present to you Literacy in entertaining ways on our Youtube channel, Mission Literacy in Motion. We
will have presentations by Norden the magician, Elspeth Powers and her puppets, Storytime from the Library, a Mother Goose session and a demonstration on the importance of play.
Please join us and together we will continue learning together.

“Literacy is learning and we never stop learning”.